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The SprayCrop program is a web-based database for agricultural crop spray application & reporting records.

  • Access SprayCrop instantly via the Internet, no bulky program on your computer, makes updates seamless
  • Cost effective and Easy to use
  • All data is kept safe, secure and private
  • Grower tested and approved
  • Easily upload spray reports to State of Oregon PURS

The SprayCrop Program:

  1. Records required reportable data you enter about your crop care applications
  2. Allows easy printing of reports
  3. Provides easy electronic upload of your spray data to the State of Oregon PURS program
  4. Allows you to customize your own blocks & properties to track applications as you wish

The SprayCrop Program is designed for easy data entry & programmed to enable easy duplication of repetitive information. It is grower tested and approved as a secure, cost-effective record keeping and reporting tool.

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